this is who we are

At The Cause Church, we are building a community of faith that is helping people live out the Mission of Jesus.  At the heart of this mission is Jesus' message - God's great love for people.  We graciously proclaim ‘Welcome Home’, together creating an atmosphere that lifts burdens and heals hearts.  We are faith-filled, learning to follow both the Whisper and the Word of God, expecting that at any moment God's power and wisdom can bring radical life change.  To do the impossible, it takes both hard work and the hand of God.  In this glorious calling, the building of the local church, everyone has a part to play.  We don't take this for granted, expressing gratitude to God for all that He has done.  Seizing every opportunity, we don't maintain, we multiply, choosing to use what's in our hand to fulfill what's in our heart.  We are Kingdom-minded - keeping mission over position, counting the cost, and paying the price to see Jesus Run This Town.


The Cause Church is a member of the Association of Related Churches (ARC). For the ARC’s full constitution, history, leadership and statement of belief, please visit:



The Cause Church is honored to be a Hillsong Family Church.  The Hillsong Family is a group of like-spirited, kingdom-building visionaries and ministries working together for a great cause.  We believe in the power of unity as we seek to build not just The Cause Church but the global Church as a whole.  This family relationship provides a place in which to find wisdom and encouragement, spiritual accountability, and support as we continue to build a community of faith that is helping people live out the Mission of Jesus.

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