God's House | My Home.


Kansas City is experiencing incredible growth, and this new facility is located in a strategic area of the city:

• One block from the crossroads of several critical highways leading to all the major suburbs north of the river, which is home to more than 400,000 people.
• A 5-minute drive from the River Market and Downtown corridor, where over the next two years more than 6,000 people are expected to relocate as 3,000 new condos and lofts are completed.

We believe God is effectively positioning us with a permanent location that allows us to make a three-fold impact, simultaneously reaching the families of the Northland as well as the young professionals of the Downtown corridor while also creating space for growth in our existing facilities.



At The Cause, we graciously proclaim Welcome Home, and every home needs a solid foundation. Funds for this portion of the campaign will be used to:

• Update mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems throughout the building to ensure our facilities are excellent and safe.
• Build classrooms in order to facilitate



We believe the future lies in healthy families planted in the House of God, learning how to let faith fuel their lives and how to parent and raise children according to the Word of  God. This new facility will:

• More than double our current capacity in CauseKids and CauseYouth on the weekend.
• Allow us to create the most attractive, fun and safe spaces in the city for CauseKids and CauseYouth.
• Create a space for CauseCollege to meet and work during the week.



It has always been Jesus Over Everything at The Cause. We are a church that believes in the presence of God, and every single Sunday, we prepare an incredible worship experience where people can encounter Jesus in a personal way. This new facility will allow people to:

• Experience next-level worship.
• Hear practical, inspiring messages based on God’s Word that they can incorporate into their everyday lives. Funds for the Worship portion of this
campaign will be used to provide state of the art sound, production and video equipment to facilitate the most passionate and life-giving worship services in Kansas City.



At The Cause, we are building a community of faith, and we believe we are better together. This new location will give us better community space as well as a place to host discipleship courses such as:

• Alpha
• Financial Peace
• Freedom Groups
• Mom’s Groups
• Women’s and Men’s Events



We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and at The Cause, we choose to use what’s in our hand to fulfill what’s in our heart. Every dollar raised over and above the $600,000 needed to complete the buildout of the new North facility will be given to the Legacy portion of the God’s House | My Home Campaign. The new North facility includes an incredible 7,000 square foot distribution space that will allow us to take our first steps toward completing a Dream Center like facility here in Kansas City, a place where we can holistically care for the marginalized in our city. Legacy projects could include:

• Food distribution
• After school tutoring and community programs for youth
• Ministry to single parents
• Christmas outreaches
• Other Hope Outreach Initiatives of The Cause.

The legacy space will also include a CauseKids Play Area, which will allow us to meet the needs of families serving on the weekend as well as provide a safe and fun space for kids and families during Cause events and outreaches.

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