We put God first
We hide God’s Word in our hearts
We honor each other and our leaders
We obey right away
We have fun!


We can’t wait to meet you!  Pre-register your children for CauseKids below and we’ll see you this weekend!


We love kids!  We know learning starts from birth, and we’re committed to helping even our youngest teammates grow closer to God and live out the Mission of Jesus.  CauseKids is available every service for children ages birth through sixth grade.


Your child’s safety is our top priority.  All CauseKids events feature a secure electronic check-in system, medical staff on site, trained teachers, and dedicated security personnel to ensure your children are safe and secure while taking part in CauseKids services.

At The Cause Church we love families, and we are committed to helping parents to raise up world changers who put God first, hide God's word in their hearts, honor their parents and leaders, and have fun while following Jesus!

Child dedication is a celebration and public commitment you make before God, your church and your family. It is your opportunity to not only thank God for the gift of your child but also to declare your commitment to raising your children in a faith-filled home according to Biblical principles so they can discover their part in the mission of Jesus. 

Though dedication most often occurs when a child is still an infant, you may choose to dedicate your child (or children) of any age. For children aged 10 years or above, we would encourage them to consider Baptism (here we could include the link to Baptisms page). Child dedications are scheduled at two times throughout the year at each campus of The Cause Church.

If you would like more information about our next child dedications, please complete this form below.


Our team would love to talk with you this weekend, or you can email us anytime at